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39. Robert James MOORE born 15 Mar 1827 Long Reach, Kings County New Brunswick, married Catherine AVERY (daughter of Alanson AVERY and Nancy (Annetje) EGLIN) on 27 Feb 1850 in West Zorra Twp., Oxford Cty., Ont. He was a carpenter, barn builder and farmer. He died 10 Oct 1899 in Gladwin City, Gladwin Cty., Mi. and was buried in Highland Cemetery Gladwin. Robert accompanied his parents James and Rachel Moore to West Zorra Twp arriving on 12 May 1844 from New Brunswick. James Moore settled on the East 1/2 of Lot 2 Concession 3 West Zorra Township and in March 1848, Robert bought this property from his father James Moore for 50 Pounds. The 1851 West Zorra census lists Robert, his wife Catherine and daughter, Rachel A., age 1 (known as Adelaide by 1861) and gives his occupation as a carpenter. In December of 1853 Robert sold his property The whole country fell into a depression when the Crimean war ended in 1856.. Work for builders like Robert Moore became very difficult to come by and he moved wherever he could find work. The obituary of his fifth child Alanson Moore stated that he was born in Sarnia in October 1858. By 1863, the family moved to the Hamlet of Beachville in West Oxford Township Oxford County. The 1867 directory of Oxford County listed Robert at Lot 8 in the Broken Front Concession of West Oxford (Beachville), Occupation carpenter. The family with 9 children was in Beachville when the 1871 census of West Oxford Township was taken. Daughter, Adelaide was still listed even though she had been married in Lexington, Sanilac County Mi. April 1871 and daughter Katie was not yet born.

Robert moved to Gladwin County purchasing (in the name of his wife Catherine) in April 1879 the South West 1/4 (146 acres) of Section 19 in Gladwin Township. Here he farmed and built barns and house. In the winters, Robert and sons James and Alanson took on contracts to "bank" pine logs on the river banks of the numerous rivers in the Gladwin County area. In 1884-5, Robert and his sons had a number of contracts for log banking that winter, including 1.45 million board feet into the Little Sugar River (Gladwin Township) and an other 1.4 million board feet into the Little Tobacco River (Grout Township). In the winter of 1886-7 they contracted to bank some 2 1/2 million feet from Sections 9 and 10 in Hay Township, Gladwin County. He sold his farm in the 1890's because of poor health and moved into "Gladwin City". He was a member of the Gladwin County Board of Supervisors on least 2 occasions. Robert was ill in bed very likely with a heart condition for much of the summer before dying on 10 October 1899.

Robert's wife Catherine Avery was born 17 November 1830 in West Zorra Township. Catherine's son-in-law Rob Wright and wife Mary Jane Moore Wright decided in 1903 to homestead a timber claim in Idaho. Catherine and her daughter Ella Moore decided to do likewise left Gladwin in mid June 1903 and took up a timber claim in Bonner County Idaho. About 1908 the Wrights, Catherine and Ella Moore traded their homestead claim for property in Hillyard Washington State (now part of Spokane)

Catherine returned to the East to visit family on several occasions the last likely being in the fall of 1921 when at the age of 91 she made the rounds visiting her children and brother Orin Avery in Sanilac County and even coming to Ontario to see her son Jim who by that time was living near Paris in Brant County.

Catherine was short, only slight over 5 foot tall and slight, a 103 lb bundle of dynamite who was described by her descendants, as a real character. She was the family PUSH! She insisted on a good education, all her grown daughters were school teachers, She expected all her children to be community leaders, was proud of her heritage and family. She was always keenly interested in local affairs and politics. She was proud of the fact she was a great-great-grandmother. She remained a Baptist even though her husband Robert was a member of the Episcopal (Anglican) Church.

In an interview for an article in the "Spokane Chronicle" newspaper of 19 November 1925, (her 95th birthday) she pointed out with pride that she was a descendant of John Elliot who was an early Connecticut ancestor and that her grandfather Frederick Avery of Connecticut was a drummer boy with George Washington's army at the age of 15 and had received a ride with the General on his horse on a particularly hot day.

Catherine died 20 February 1928 at her home East 3003 Broad Street Hillyard (Spokane) Washington State, age 97 of old age and heart failure brought on by influenza. She was buried February 25 1928 in the Moore-Campbell Plot in Highland Cemetery Gladwin.


For info on the family of Nancy EGLIN (mother of Catherine) and Nancy's ancestors see the Hamilton County New York Genweb board

go to Hamilton County "Bios"


+118 Rachel Adelaide MOORE.

+119 George Frederick MOORE.

+120 Nancy (Nina) Maria MOORE.

+121 James Robert MOORE.

+122 Alanson Avery MOORE.

+123 Mary Jane MOORE.

+124 Elizabeth MOORE.

+125 Eleanor Lillian MOORE.

+126 Janet Elsey MOORE.

127 Catherine (Katy) MOORE born 18 Sept 1871 Beachville, West Oxford Twp. She died of appendicitis 4 Jul 1887 in Gladwin Twp, Gladwin Cty. and buried in Highland Cem, Gladwin City, Mi.


40. Caroline Amelia MOORE was born 24 Aug 1828 Long Reach, King's Cty, N. B. She died 3 Nov 1893 Harrisville, Alcona Cty. Mi. Married Silas W. (William?) THORNTON (son of Albert THORNTON and Rachel WILLIAMS) on 1 May 1852 in West Zorra Twp. Oxford Cty, Ont. Silas W. THORNTON was born about 1829 likely in West Zorra He died 24 Aug 1903 in Harrisville Twp. Both Caroline and Silas were buried in Springport Cemetery Harrisville. The family were in St Clair Cty Mi. by 1860 and in the next ten years followed the lumbering boom into Sanilac County Mi., Huron County Mi. and back to Sanilac Cty. They moved to Iosco Cty Mi. about 1875/6 and by 1880 to Section 4 of Harrisville Twp. where Silas farmed the remainder of his days. Silas married 2ndly to Lucy Thornton Fuller (widow of David) on 7 Oct 1897 at West Harrisville. Lucy died prior to Silas.


+128 Theresa THORNTON

+129 James T. THORNTON

+130 Silas THORNTON

+131 Ida May THORNTON


+133 Maude (Della) Madella THORNTON

+134 Mary Ester THORNTON

+135 Caroline Augusta THORNTON

+136 Olla (Bertie) Alberta THORNTON.


42. Susan Maria MOORE born 9 Mar 1839 Long Reach, King's Cty, N. B. She died 1 Nov 1909 in Au Sable Twp, Iosco Cty Mi. She married Truman J. (James ?) THORNTON (son of Albert THORNTON and Rachel WILLIAMS) 1855/56 likely West Zorra Twp. Oxford Cty. Ont. Truman J. (James ?) THORNTON was born on 15 Mar 1836 in West Zorra Twp, He died 11 Apr 1911 in Au Sable Twp, Iosco Cty. Both Susan and Truman are likely buried in Pinecrest Cem, Plot D-484, Oscoda but there are no G/S markers. The family was in Sanilac Cty Mi. by 1863 and Truman purchased land in 1875 in Section 19 Ausable Twp. Iosco Cty. Truman followed the lumbering trade as a labourer and blacksmith. They later moved into the town of AuSable. Truman died 3 months before the big Oscoda/AuSable fire of 11 July 1911 which destroyed much of the town.


+137 Lyman A. THORNTON

+138 Albert James THORNTON

+139 Ida P. THORNTON

+140 Estella T. THORNTON

+141 Frederick THORNTON.


142 Chauncey THORNTON born 1869 Forester Twp., Sanilac Cty, Mich.. He died before 1880 in Sanilac, or Iosco Counties, Mich..

+143 Charles William THORNTON.

144 Un/K, THORNTON born between 1856 and 1875. He (or she) died before 1900.


44. Henry William CRONK born 1816 Long Reach Kings County N.B. and was baptized on 19 Aug 1819 in Trinity Anglican Church Kingston Kings County. He died after 1865 likely in King's County N.B. Henry Cronk seems to have inherited the James Moore UEL farm, Lot 16 Kingston Grant from his parents Asa Cronk and Eleanor Moore. In turn his son William inherited the farm from him.

He was an Anglican and was listed as a farmer in 1871 business directory of Long Reach

Married to Mary Ann CRONK on 24 Apr 1846 likely at Kingston. Mary Ann CRONK was born about 1817 in Kings Cty. She died on 26 Dec 1851 in Kings County, Mary Ann was the daughter of Stephen Cronk and Rebecca Parker and was a first cousin of Henry. She died likely as result of complications in childbirth of son Stephen Henry, 26 Dec 1851)


145 Rebecca Adeline CRONK born about 1847 Kings Cty and died 18 Aug 1852 Kings Cty Died age 4 yrs

146 Margaret Eleanor CRONK born in 1850 Kings Cty and died 11 Aug 1852 Kings Cty

147 Stephen Henry CRONK born 1851 Kings Cty and died 11 Jan 1852 Kings Cty Died age 2 months


Henry Cronk married secondly, Hannah Sophia MOORE #26 (daughter of Walter Moore #4 and Phoebe Gorham) 1 Dec 1853 in Kings Cty.Hannah Sophia Moore was born Long Reach and baptized in Sept 1823 in Trinity Anglican Ch Kingston. She died 12 Oct 1901 Kings Cty N.B. Hannah was a daughter of Walter Moore #4 and as Henry Cronk was a son of Walter's sister Eleanor Moore Cronk #7 , this was also a marriage of first cousins.

93 Henry CRONK.

94 James Edward CRONK.

95 Kimball Walter CRONK.

96 Isaiah CRONK.

97 William CRONK.


47. Sarah Anne CRONK born Long Reach Kings County and baptized 11 Jul 1826 in Trinity Anglican Church Kingston. Married to Cabel Davis CRAWFORD on 2 Dec 1845 likely Kings Cty. Cabel was born 3 Jul 1816 Long Reach and was son of Robert Davis Crawford.


49. Francis Elizabeth (Fanny) CRONK born about 1827 Long Reach Kings County. Married to John BEESLEY, 9 Oct 1855 in St John N.B.


50. Stephen Benjamin CRONK born about 1829 Long Reach. He died after the 1871 census was taken. Married to Mary Ann McGEE, 29 Mar 1860 likely Kings Cty Mary Ann McGEE was born in 1824 in Ireland. Stephen adopted the children of Mary Ann McGee's marriage to Joseph Nickerson (3) and to Neilly O'Neill (4) He was listed as a labourer in the 1871 census of Kings's County.

Children: (of Stephen and Mary Ann)

148 Benjamin CRONK born about 1862 likely Kings Cty.

149 Alexander CRONK born about 1865 likely Kings Cty.

150 Samuel CRONK born about 1869 likely Kings Cty.


53. Amanda (Mandy) CRONK born 2 Feb 1834 Long Reach Kings County She died 19 Jan 1898 in Moss Glen, Kings County. Married to George Samuel John GRAY on 7 Jun 1864. He was born 30 Mar 1840 in Great Wakering Eng. He died 25 Sep 1915. Both buried in St James Cemetery Long Reach. George was a Sgt Major in the 74th Battalion of Militia (New Brunswick) in 1885 serving til June 1890. He was a blacksmith by occupation.


151 Eleanor Rebecca GRAY born 29 Jul 1866 Moss Glen, Kings County. Died 20 May 1947 in Centerton Kings Cty.


118. Rachel Adelaide MOORE (she used the name Adelaide) born 28 Jan 1851 West Zorra Twp Oxford Cty. Ont. She married William MARIN (1843-1916) 11 Apr 1871, Worth Twp Sanilac Cty Mi. The family lived at Lexington, Sanilac Cty Mi. and Manton Wexford Cty Mi. before moving in 1879 to Crookston, Polk Cty Minn. Wm was a farmer and carpenter. Adelaide was school teacher. She died at Crookston on 5 Nov 1937 and both buried in Oakdale Cemetery Crookston.


Katherine Marin 1872-1965, school teacher unmarried Crookston

William Arthur Marin 1874-1941 lawyer in Crookston and St Paul Minn. mar Emma Poehler 2 children

Adelaide Marin 1875-1962 school teacher mar Dr Herbert Hodgson 2 children, Crookston

Margaret Marin 1877-1933 school teacher unmarried Crookston


119. George Frederick MOORE born 23 August 1853 W. Zorra Twp Oxford Cty Ont.

Married 18 Jan 1877 Kalamazoo Mi. to Jeanette Mary MURPHY. (1859-1947). He was a carpenter at Cadillac Wexford Cty Mi. and a sawmill foreman at Mitchell Bro flooring factory at Jennings Wexford Cty. before moving to Tacoma Wa. in 1908. He became a millwright designing sawmills in Washington State as well as in Japan, China and the Philippines. He was a big man over 6 ft tall and 230 lbs. He died at Tacoma 14 Feb 1934 and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery Tacoma.


Lilly Mae Moore born 1878-1959 school teacher died at Cadillac marr John Albert Hanson 5 children

Eleanor Moore born 1880-1946 school teacher died at Cadillac marr John A. Sipple, one son

Margaret K. Moore 1881-1958 (Tacoma) mar Frank Conkrite and Virgil Raymond 3 children (Conkrite)

Robert James Moore 1884-1971 (Tacoma) marr Louise Chaffe 4 children

George Henry Moore 1886-1938 (fell from smoke stack he was painting at Tacoma) marr Emily U/K no children

Frederick William Moore 1888-1954 (Flint Mi) Supt Buick tool plant mar Gertrude Hillier one daughter

Katherine Eva Moore 1890-1972 (Cadillac) mar Wm Payne and William Karn one son Payne

Orrin Avery Moore 1898-1959 (Kansas City Mo) manufacturing plant efficiency consultant

mar Neomi Criner 4 children

John Albert Moore 1899-1997 (Palm Springs Ca) tavern owner and driver for mobile home delivery company mar Irene U/K 2 step daus

Jeanette Moore 1902-1980 ( Oakland Ca.) mar Michael Mardesich and James McClure dau, Mardesich


120. Nancy (Nina) Maria MOORE born late 1854 W. Zorra Twp Oxford Cty Ont. Married 10 Sept 1884 Gladwin Twp Gladwin Cty Mi to David B. WRIGHT (1855-1931). She was a school teacher. He was a farmer and carpenter at Gladwin. She died 21 April 1904 and both buried in Highland Cemetery Gladwin.


Catherine Jane Wright 1885-1972 (Ovid Mi) mar Floyd Freeman Futcher (1882-1908) 30 June 1904 at Gladwin and marr Adelmer Louis Birdsall (1883-1947) 22 May 1909 at Gladwin

2 children Fulcher and 3 children Birdsall (one of each to adulthood)

Isabelle Marie Wright 1888- 1973 (Portland Oregon) mar 1913 at Spokane Wa. to William F. Dubois

no children

Margaret (Mona) Moore Wright 1890-1992 ( Age 102 at Phoenix Ar.) mar Leslie Ward Webster at Gladwin 1 Sept 1911, 5 children


21. James Robert MOORE born 19 Nov 1855 West Zorra Twp. Oxford Cty. He was a farmer and finish carpenter. In Sanilac Cty Mi by age 18. Farmed Polk Cty Minn in early 1880's. He returned to Michigan farming in Gladwin and Sage Twps Gladwin Cty with his brother Alanson. He farmed alone after 1890 in Grout Twp. Gladwin Cty. He married 29 Oct 1891 at Brantford Ont to Sophia MARR dau of Wm Marr and Janet Thomson.

He moved back to Ontario in Dec 1910 and moved to South Dumfries Twp Brant Cty in 1917 where he continued to farm. He did all the interior trim for a new house in 1928 (age 72) which replaced one lost in a fire in 1927. He was abt 6 feet tall and 180 lbs, was friendly and well liked by the neighbours.

He died 3 December 1938 in South Dumfries. Sophia (born 29 April 1869 at Hespler Ont) died after a long illness on 17 April 1935. Both buried in Glenmorris Cemetery (Brant Cty)


Murray Marr Moore 1896-1965 (born Sage Twp Gladwin Mi.) farmer and business man lived Ayr Ont

mar 1928 Marcella Reynolds 1899-1996 at Gladwin Mi. 3 sons, 11 grandchildren and 19 gt grandchildren


122. Alanson Avery MOORE born 24 Oct 1858 Sarnia Ont area or West Zorra Twp Oxford Cty

followed his brother Jim to Mi. and Minn. where he farmed. He was married 9 Feb 1888 at Detroit to Margaret HARRUP (1863-1938 aft 12 yrs of being bed ridden by a stroke)

He farmed with his brother Jim until 1892 but as he had been seriously injured in a buggy runaway he could not do heavy farm work. He moved to Detroit selling telephones for the Michigan Bell until 1899 when he went into the real estate business. By the 1920's he was developing subdivisions (Sunnyside) and building housing for the many people who were moving to Detroit for work. He lived West Chicago Blvd Detroit. He was of a slighter build than his brother Jim. He died 20 Nov 1928 of cancer and was buried with Margaret in Woodlawn Cemetery Detroit

Children, both lived Detoit area

Harold Harrup Moore 1890-1965 real estate developer mar 1913 Isabell Devine 1892-1974 one dau

Helen Margaret Moore 1897-1977 mar Darby Kenyon and Duncan McCallum 1899-1953 no children


123. Mary Jane MOORE born 1 April 1861 W. Zorra Twp. to Gladwin County Mi. in 1879 with parents. She was a school teacher. She mar 23 Jan 1889 at Gladwin Twp to Robert Boyd WRIGHT (1860-1938) Robert was a farmer in Gladwin Twp and a drayman in Gladwin City. In 1903 the Wrights homesteaded a timber claim in Bonner County Idaho which in 1908 they traded for a building lot in Spokane Washington. Rob worked for the Great Northern railroad from 1918 to 1933.

Mary Jane died 30 July 1946 at Spokane and with Robert is buried in Riverside Park Cem Spokane


Boyd Moore Wright 1892-1970 mar 1915 Anna Adelaide Scott 1899-1979 2 children

Eric Avery Wright 1894-1977 mar 1930 Clemmie Logaton 2 children

Eleanor Stuart Wright 1896-1990 mar 1921 Henry Van Inwegan no children

Robert Keith Wright 1899-1981 mar 1929 Violet Gill one dau


124. Elizabeth (Eliza) MOORE born 12 Oct 1863 Beachville West Oxford Twp. Oxford Cty, to Gladwin Cty Mi. with parents in 1879. She was a school teacher. Married 29 January 1890 at Gladwin Twp to Thomas Glashan CAMPBELL (1858-1947). Tom was a University of Toronto Ontario graduate, a lawyer in Gladwin City, Very active in local politics, county commissioner, Mayor of Gladwin City and served 1901-04 in Michigan State Legislature. He was only man for many years with ability to "spread" the Gladwin County tax rolls. Given the honour of laying the cornerstone for the new County Court house in 1939 Both bur Highland Cemetery Gladwin.


Walter Moore Campbell 1890-1957 farmer and businessman mar Mary Palasty 5 children. He was a member of the Michigan Legislature 1942-44 Buried Highland Cemetery Gladwin



125. Eleanor (Ella) Lillian MOORE born 13 June 1866 Beachville West Oxford Twp. Oxford County Ont.

to Gladwin Cty Mi. with parents in 1879. She was a school teacher as well. She aspired to be an actress, singer and writer. She went to Idaho with her mother Catherine and sister Mary Jane and her husband Rob Wright in 1903 and in 1908 with them to Spokane. Married 24 April 1901 at Spokane, Franklin P. KNOPP (born abt 1868 and died bet 1947 and 1950). The family felt he had no useful occupation. Ella died 26 Sept 1946 at Spokane and buried Riverside Park Cemetery, No children


126. Janet Elsey MOORE born 8 May 1870 Beachville West Oxford Twp. She went to Gladwin Cty in 1879 with the family. She like her sisters was a school teacher. Married 7 July 1892 at Gladwin to Milford Elmer RAYMOND (1870-7 Dec 1939). Milford farmed, ran a grocery store in Gladwin, elected Registrar of Land Deed for Gladwin County in 1896 and was Gladwin County Treasurer from 1906 to 1911. The family went to Oregon and in the 1930's lived in Portland. There he was a log scaler for a lumber company. Janet died 16 November 1939 at Portland. Both buried Riverside Park Spokane in her son Reginald Raymond's plot.


Reginald (Rex) Raymond 1893-1972 mar Margaret Tolman 1895-1984 2 children

Walter Ross Raymond 1896-1953 mar Esther Soderstrom 1896-1970 2 children

Elizabeth Raymond 1903 mar Bertyn Williams and Charles Spivey 0ne son


128 Theresa THORNTON born 24 Sept 1854 likely West Zorra Twp Oxford Cty Ont. moved with her parents to Sanilac Cty Mi. Married at Deckerville 27 July 1873 to William FOCKLER. She died 28 November 1936 in Sandusky Sanilac Cty. William was the son of Daniel Fockler and Mary Orton and was born in Whitchurch Twp York Cty Ont on 7 July 1852. He farmed in Marion and Wheatland Twps Sanilac Cty He died 28 Sept 1912 at Deckerville. Both buried in Downing Cemetery at Deckerville.


Amy Fockler 1874-1875

Mary Fockler 1875- prior 1951 mar Jacob Michael 2 or more children

female Fockler 1877

William J Fockler 1878-1950 mar Fannie Scarborough 7 children

mar Irene Miller Krause 3 children

Effie M. Fockler 1880-1945 mar John Edward Moody family lived Arthur Illinois 10 children

Silas D. Fockler 1881-1904 mar Edna Bolton no children

Arthur B Fockler 1885-1949 mar Olive Medcoff 5 children He was a Methodist minister

Caroline Bertha Fockler 1887-1952 mar Oscar Rightenburg 4 children

mar William Henry Bolsby 3 children

Pembroke S Fockler 1888-1889

George H. Fockler 1891-1892

Roy Fockler 1893- abt 1934 mar Rose "Pearl" Graham 2 children

Louis Fockler 1894-1958 mar Vera Kincaid 6 children


129 James T. THORNTON born 12 April 1855 West Zorra Twp Oxford Cty. With his parents to Harrisville Alcona Cty. Married at Harrisville 1 July 1882, Jeanette HAMILTON dau of George Hamilton and Flora McRae. She was born 1859 in Ontario and died 1928 (she had married 2ndly John H Burt). James farmed in Harrisville Twp on Section 4 and was a Deputy Sheriff of Alcona Cty to his brother-in-law James Hamilton. He was killed on 5 Sept 1917 near Alpena Mi when a car driven by Sheriff Jim Hamilton left the Road. Buried Springport Cemetery Harrisville


George Thornton 1883-1885

Silas W. Thornton 1885-1969 mar Marie Perkins 4 children

Scott Thornton 1888- aft 1917 but died "young" mar twin sons maybe more children

Thaddeus (Ted) Thornton 1889-1969 mar Edna Field one child

Chauncy J. Thornton 1892-1917

Floyd Thornton 1893-aft 1917 mar adopted son

Vivian Thornton 1894-1969 mar Elmer Dedrick 5 children

Merril Thornton 1898-1966 mar Geneva Ford at least one child

Flora Thornton 1902-1971 mar Daniel Richardson 4 children


130 Silas THORNTON born 1858 lik West Zorra Twp Oxford Cty Ont Married went to Washington State

lost contact


Irene Thornton

Ethel Thornton

3 other female children


131 Ida May THORNTON born 1860 Port Huron St Clair County Mi. Married 25 Dec 1882 at AuSable, Iosco Cty Mi. Ronald McDONALD (born abt 1860 at Harrisville Alcona Cty Mi.) She died age 34 on 25 January 1895 of stomach cancer. Buried Springport Cemetery Harrisville


Walter McDonald mar adopted son lived Detroit area

Kathryn McDonald 1885-1972 mar James M. Lee 2 children

Mary E. McDonald 1893-1982 mar William A Lee 8 children


132 Ada THORNTON born 31 July 1863 Port Huron Married 2 April 1890 at Harrisville to William Lester DOUGLAS born abt 1858 and son of William H. Douglas and Eunice Clark occ woodsman

She died at on 26 July 1910 at Millerburg Presque Isle Cty Mi. of a heart attack while running to catch a train.


Iva Douglas 1891-1963 mar Earl Wright 2 children

Spray Douglas

Ardell Douglas

Caroline Douglas died young

Lester Douglas 1899-1971


133 Maude (Della) Madella THORNTON born 12 April 1865 Sand Beach Twp Huron Cty Mi. Married

25 Dec 1882 at Harrisville Alcona Cty to John GENGE. Family lived in Washington State, Alcona and Alberta Canada before Della left him and returned to Michigan operating a boarding house in Detroit.

John was son of Nathaniel Genge of Harrisville and was born in Canada about 1860 and may have died in Alberta. Della died 15 Jan 1951 Huron Twp Wayne Cty Mi and was buried Springport Cemetery at Harrisville.


Herbert Genge died young

Elva Genge 1885-1956 mar William Brownlee 5 children (3 died young)

Vernon Genge- died prior to 1969 abt age 70 mar Grace Smith per Alberta 2 children

Albert Genge 1890- mar Anne Bradbury WWI English war bride to Alberta 5 children (3 died young)

Charlotte Eliza Genge 1892-1972 mar Harold Westacott 4 children

Lee William Genge 1895- bef 1969 mar Gladys Benjamin 5 children

Lois Genge abt 1897/8-1961 mar Slayter Murphy lived Vancouver B.C. 3 children

Russel Genge 1902-1977 mar 2 children lived Detroit area

Florence May Genge 1904 died young

Harry Genge 1907-1981 mar one child, He lived Detroit area

Caroline Genge 1907 - (twin to Harry) mar David Ryall 2 children



134 Mary Esther THORNTON born 4 July 1868 Sand Beach Twp Huron Cty Mi. Married at Harrisville Alcona Cty Mi. 3 Sept 1892 Alexander (Sandy) HAMILTON (brother of Jeanette Hamilton)

He ran a store in Millersburg Mi (he died 12 January 1924). Mary died 21 Oct 1942 at Alpena Mi and was buried in West Harrisville Cemetery


Ila Blythe Hamilton 1893-1975 mar Theodore (Edward) Prevo 11 children


135 Caroline Augusta THORNTON born April 1870 Forester Twp Sanilac Cty Mi.

Married James MORROW who farmed near Alpena and had a lumber yard in Alpena


none but raised her sister Ada's daughter, Iva Douglas


136 Olla (Bertie) Alberta THORNTON. born 24 June 1871, Richmondville, Forester Twp. Sanilac Cty Mi.

Married 5 Feb 1894 at Harrisville Alcona Cty. to Frederick BYCE who farmed in Section 16 Harrisville Twp Alcona Cty He was born 1872 son of Daniel (David) Byce and Sarah Fitch. He died 1951. She died 22 May 1950. Both buried Springport Cemetery Harrisville.


Daniel Byce 1895-1966

James Byce 1898-1972 son James Byce and grandson Larry Byce

Mabel Byce

Gladys Byce died bef 1969

Earl Byce 1901-1971 unmarried

Edna L. Byce 1911-1986 mar Charles Ralph Dorr 8 children


137 Lyman A. THORNTON born 4 Sept 1856, West Zorra Twp Oxford Cty Ont Went with family to Sanilac and Iosco Counties Mi. Married at Oscoda Iosco Cty 23 March 1883 Susan Irene GENGE daughter of Nathaniel Genge. born Nov 1864 in New York State and died 18 Sept 1906 at AuSable Iosco Cty She was a sister of John Genge who married Lyman 's cousin, Della Thornton. Lyman was a lumberman , timber cruiser and surveyor. He was a naturalist and often quoted in the local newspaper for his weather predictions. He died at Oscoda on 21 Nov 1937 Both he and Susan were buried in Pinecrest Cemetery Oscoda


Myrtle Theresa Thornton 1885-1947 mar Un/K Kilmer and William Kenitz At least one child

Edith Irene Thornton 1888-1964 unmarried lived Au Sable

Hazel Isabel Thornton 1890-1957 mar William H. "Ray" McLean 7 children

Grace Thornton 1893-1947 mar George Nevin 5 children

Gladys Pearl Thornton 1895-1960 mar Matthew James Quigley 3 children

Dewey Lincoln Thornton 1898-1946 unmarried lived AuSable, promoter, businessman and Town Character


138 Albert James THORNTON born Jan 1860, West Zorra Twp Oxford Cty Ont. With the family to Iosco Cty. He married 14 Sept 1878 Oscoda Twp to Isabell WAGNER born abt 1862 Chicago Il. He left the Ausable between 1900 and 1910 possibly to Idaho as some of his sons were there by the early teens. There is a burial record for a James Thornton in 1923 in Pinecrest Cemetery Oscoda in the same plot as his sister Ida Thornton Goddard was buried in, one speculates that this is the same James Thornton. He worked as a lumberman, drayman and jobber when he lived in the Au Sable area.


Frank Thornton 1880-1883

Maude May Thornton 1881-aft 1900

Blanche Thornton 1884- may have gone to Idaho

James Arthur Thornton 1887- mar Helen Noble in Kootenai Cty Idaho in 1912

William "Saul" Thornton 1889-1964 lived Idaho and Oregon mar Helen M. Congdon in Kootenai Cty

Robert "Judson" Thornton 1893- was in Kootenai Cty in 1916 era

Harry Thornton 1898- died bef 1900


139 Ida P. THORNTON born 1862 West Zorra Twp Oxford Cty Ont. Went to Iosco Cty Mi with the family married 14 September 1878 at AuSable Twp to William GODDARD born abt 1856 at Marine City Mi. They eventually separated. Ida likely died in 1922 and was likely buried as Ida P. Thornton in Pinecrest Cemetery Oscoda. Not listed in 1910 Iosco Cty Census.


Truman Goddard 1884-1968 died Hillman Montgomery Cty Mi likely married

Fred Goddard 1890/1 mar 1912 to Rose Lalonde at Onaway Presque Isle Cty Mi

Ruby Annabelle Goddard 1902-1903

3 other children including at least one girl


140 Estella T. THORNTON born 7 Feb 1864, Almost Twp Lapeer Cty Mi. Mar 5 August 1882 at Oscoda William R. STILSON born abt 1861 at Iosco Cty. William died prior to 1910 and likely prior to 1900

She lost her home in the Ausable Oscoda fire of July 1911. She seems to have been a clerk and a domestic worker. She died 22 June 1933 and buried Pinecrest Cemetery Oscoda.


Mary H Stilson 1883--1923 mar Herbert James Trace son Herbert who died unmarried

Truman James Stilson 1885-1916 mar Lucy Lyman at least 2 children

William "Wid" Henry Stilson 1885-1928 mar Ada Kramer children ?

mar 2ndly Violet Hamilton 2 children descendants live Topeka Kansas

Charles Stilson 1891- mar Clara Beggs in 1914 at Onaway Mi


141 Frederick THORNTON born Dec 1855 Port Huron area Mi. Married 1 Jan 1891 Ausable Iosco Cty Melvina VOISARD 1869-1894) buried Pinecrest Cemetery. Married 2ndly 2 Aug 1895 at Ausable to Henrietta Gilies KENNY. They spent some time in Minnesota in the early 1900's and upon their return to AuSable ran a small grocery store on US route 23 in Ausable. Fred died 17 July 1935 and Etta died 31 January 1964, both buried Pinecrest Cemetery Oscoda.


Ina Belle Thornton 1891-1947 mar Herbert E. Ives, children ?

Cecil P. Thornton 1902-1948 mar Elizabeth Montgomery no children


143 Charles William THORNTON born 1 Oct 1871 Forester Twp. Sanilac Cty . Married Nov 1896 at AuSable

Iosco Cty to Olive NICHOLSON, born Nov 1878 in Mi. and dau of Samuel Nicholson and Phoebe Fuller and died 26 Jan 1956 at Oscoda Iosco Cty. Charles was a lumberman, jobber in 1910 and was a mailman when he died 14 April 1932 at Oscoda. Both Charles and Olive buried Pinecrest Cemetery Oscoda


Glen THORNTON 1897-1897

Eva Ruth Thornton 1899-1984 mar James Alvin McLean, one child Joyce McLean Dumont 1922-1990

Maude Grace Thornton 1903-1904